Zambia Urged to Enhance Cybersecurity for Internet Users

In the wake of increased online transactions due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Working Group on Cyber Laws and Digital Security in Zambia, a consortium of  civil society actors advocating for human rights-based internet legislation in Zambia, has called upon telecommunications operators and other digital players in Zambia to enhance cyber security for internet users. The Working Group noted the expected increase in risk of personal and institutional data breaches during the COVID-19 pandemic and highlighted that cyber security should be a top priority for everyone using online tools to seek, receive, share, store, manage or process data.  The Working Group went on to state that users of internet-based platforms must be protected from cyber security threats and cybercrimes and that relevant government cyber security agencies must take a proactive approach by focusing on minimizing the chances of cyber breaches and protecting citizens against cybercrime.

In light of increased cybercrime activity in Zambia, awareness-raising efforts are being made in the country.