Toolkit created for civil society in Botswana, Nigeria and Uganda

The African Digital Rights Fund is operated by the Collaboration on ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) and seeks to provide grants to projects that advance digital rights in Africa.

As a recipient of a grant, EndCode developed a Toolkit to assist grass roots civil society organisations in Botswana, Nigeria and Uganda in understanding the legal frameworks that affect access to critical information in contact tracing databases during a public health crisis.

In order to develop the Toolkit, EndCode researched existing laws and legal structures that underpin both access to information and the response to the pandemic. The finding was that Botswana, Nigeria and Uganda have all made use of contact tracing applications to various degrees and have all adopted a regulatory framework for the response to the pandemic. However, unlike Nigeria and Uganda, Botswana has not enacted any access to information legislation.

The Toolkit consists of an infographic poster for each country as well as a general poster and an animated video.

The general poster provides an overview understanding of access to information as a right, whilst the country posters provide an in-country analysis of access to information, the right to health and contact tracing applications. The video provides a detailed analysis of the principles behind access to information and how it relates to the right to health and contact tracing databases. The Toolkit serves as a valuable resource to drive awareness and promote informed activism among civil society organisations on the importance of access to information during a public health crisis and how information may be accessed.

The Toolkit was showcased on 10 December 2020 via a webinar. The webinar further featured a panel discussion with country experts and a Sub-Saharan Africa expert. EndCode will be releasing edited clips of the panel discussion throughout the coming weeks. These will be posted to both our website and Society.

The Toolkit can be accessed and downloaded here.