Mozambique Turns To eLearning To Mitigate Effects of COVID-19

Updated: May 20, 2020

Mozambique has been under a national lockdown since the end of March and schools and institutions of higher education are shut as a result. The Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technical (MCTESTP) has therefore instituted e-learning for the first time to assist the education sector during the lockdown. MCTESTP has also guided all Higher Learning Institutions and Technical Colleges on how to ensure that digital platforms are used to assist in education.  In order to accomplish this, MCTESTP will receive internet access at no monthly cost through Vodacom, or subsidised through Tmcel and Movitel.

MCTESTP is employing a mobile and web app which maintains a database of beneficiaries of internet access while participating mobile operators are provided with the necessary academic content platforms. The Ministry is also collaborating with Seacom and UbuntuNet Alliance who are providing bandwidth of 1Gbps and 2.5Gbps respectively. This e-learning initiative is a first for Mozambique where internet penetration has historically been low, with an estimated rate of only 20.9% penetration in December 2019. The UbuntuNet Alliance is active in a number of nations and works to bring affordable high speed internet access to educational and research institutions in Africa.

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