How is Cybercrime defined under South African Law?

There are many definitions for Cybercrime between academia, policymakers and the general public. From a general stand point, the Miriam Webster Dictionary defines ‘Cybercrime’ as: “criminal activity (such as fraud, theft, or distribution of child pornography) committed using a computer especially to illegally access, transmit, or manipulate data”. 

In South Africa, cybercrime is primarily defined as follows:

* South Africa’s _National Cybersecurity Policy Framework for South Africa, 2012_ defines ‘Cybercrime’ as: “illegal acts, the commission of which involves the use of information and communication technologies”. 

* South Africa’s _Electronic Communications and Transactions Amendment Bill, 2012_, defines ‘Cybercrime’ as: “any criminal or other offence that is facilitated by or involves the use of electronic communications or information systems, including any device or the Internet or any one or more of them”

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