How Botswana protects Consumer Rights.

Batswana consumers’ rights are protected primarily by the Consumer Protection Act, 2018 (“CPA

2018”), which outlines the rights of consumers and the duties of suppliers respectively.

The CPA 2018 provides for the relief that a consumer is entitled to in a case where a supplier has not met his obligations. Also, under the revised Competition Act, 2018 CA 2018, the Competition Authority will be renamed the Competition and Consumer Authority (the CCA) and a separate body, the Competition and Consumer Board (CCB). The two regulatory bodies will govern and protect consumer rights, amongst other things, by adjudicating breaches and hearing appeals and handing down criminal sanctions or financial penalties, where appropriate. Furthermore, the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (“ECT Act”), provides for certainty in respect of the conclusion of e-transactions, the regulation of unsolicited commercial communications and consumer protection insofar as electronic communications and transactions are concerned. The ECT Act creates transparency of engagement between parties.

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