Dedicated Cybersecurity Legislation in Botswana.

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Botswana has passed the Cybercrime and Computer Related Crimes Act , an Act to combat cybercrime and Computer related crimes, to repress criminal activities perpetrated through computer systems and to facilitate the collection of electronic evidence.

Sections 4 to 19 of the Act criminalise:

a) Unauthorised access to a computer or computer system

b) Unauthorised access to computer service

c) Access with intent to commit an offence

d) Unauthorised interference with data

e) Unauthorised interference with a computer or computer system

f) Unlawful interception of data

g) Unlawful possession of devices or data

h) Unauthorised disclosure of password

i) Damage to a computer or computer system

j) Cyber extortion

k) Cyber fraud

l) Electronic traffic in pornographic or obscene material

m) Unlawful disclosure by service provider.

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