Does Namibia have a Consumer Protection Law?

Namibia does not have a piece of legislation that independently governs consumer protection. It however, provides for the protection of consumer rights in the proposed 2010 Electronic Transactions and Communications Draft Bill. The Bill makes provision for the protection of consumer rights with regard to electronic transactions, as well as, online marketing. The Bill also attributes liability to internet service providers for any contravention of the Bill. It however, exempts internet service providers from liability if, there is no proof that the internet service provider had no knowledge of the offending content or should have reasonably been aware of the offending content.

Namibia also has an Information Technology Policy for the Republic of Namibia, 2008. This Policy advocates for the promotion of consumer protection and setting of standards to ensure efficient and reliable services that conform to international technical and quality standards, and calls for the professional standards and ethical practices in the Namibian ICT industry through self-regulation. The establishment of a self-regulatory IT Industry Standards Body by the ICT industry is promoted. Membership of the Body should take full responsibility for the development, monitoring and compliance of an industry code of ethics. The justification for self-regulation is that a single, self-regulating mechanism is preferred above Government intervention.

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