COVID-19 National Contingency Plan and Communications Strategy

Updated: May 20, 2020

The Ministry of Social Communication and the Ministry of Health effected the National Contingency Plan and Communication Strategy aimed at controlling the spread of mis and dis-information during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Various target groups are identified in the Strategy including media professionals, users of internet media, social media, radio and television.

Article 4.4 of the Strategy highlights that social media is a tool the government hopes to utilise to provide accurate information to the public and assist in countering mis and dis-information. Additionally, bulk SMSes will be sent directly to citizens with vital information about the virus. Article 5 provides that the Government will keep its Twitter account, Facebook account and WhatsApp groups updated with accurate information as well as establish a digital coronavirus portal. All information produced by the Ministry of Social Communication will be disseminated to all journalists in Angola and broadcast on all television channels and radio stations. Information will also be shared in print.